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Re: setting up two NICs...

Have a look at Shorewall at www.shorewall.net.
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Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2003 3:43 PM
Subject: setting up two NICs...

I am aspiring to accomplish the same setup you described -- and having the same issues as you earlier described. Would you mind sharing with me the appropriate contents of your (now successfully working) /etc/network/interfaces file, please? Thanks!
In a nutshell I also have a cable internet connection. I wanted to run it into an older Compaq PC with two NICs and Debian Woody to serve as Firewall and Proxy Server. My Debian server would connect in turn to a wireless router.
Rounding out my internal network, the router connects: 
  • by CAT5 cable to a Win2k box (used to configure the router)
  • to a remote WinXp box via 802.11b wireless PCI card
  • by CAT5 cable to a 5-port switch
  • The switch allows ad-hoc network connections to a Mandrake Linux Notebook
  • and for easy future expansion of the network system.
Thanks in advance!

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