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Re: Iptables vhost

> Hi,
> Is it posebole with iptables to filter on a DNS name not a ip address?
> What i have is an x hosts / domain names and 1 ipadres.
> Lets take an example.
> Host              IP address
> Host.example1.com
> Host.example2.com
> And what i want to do is a packet that is for DNS name Host.example1.com
is to
> go to rule 1 and Host.example2.com is to go to rule 2.
> I hope it's clear becource my english is not that good.
> Greets,
> Master_PE
Generally, no because IPTables is a packet filtering firewall. To block
actual host names you need a proxy firewall like Squid. Squid is actually
really good for a business, because if you set up Squid right as a
transparent proxy you can stop people from visiting sites that they
shouldn't during work hours eg. porn.


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