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Re: coming in from eth0?

>I can't have the connection off for very
> long.

Looks that the new home of your nic will be the trash
bin :-D

Don't take this for gospel, but if u can't connect but
can "ping", i'm almost sure that ur nic is loosing

But, once again, don't take this for gospel.


 --- Mikko Kilpikoski <mikko.kilpikoski@ravalik.fi>
escreveu: > Hi.
> I have small trouble with firewall logs getting
> spammed with
> REJECT IN=br0 OUT=br0 PHYSIN=eth0 PHYSOUT=eth1
> SRC= 
> DST=in.d.m.z LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=122
> ID=nnnnn PROTO=TCP SPT=80 
> where eth0 is internet, dst varies between the hosts
> in dmz (eth1) and 
> dpt varies between about 1k-2k. The time between
> packets vary between 10 
> seconds to 2 minutes. It doesn't seem to be doing
> anything serious.
> System is woody with 2.4.22 ebtables-brnf bridgeing
> firewall (ebtables 
> off, monolithic kernel). Also eth2 is private
> lan, with 
> masquerading. Both br0 and eth2 have ip addresses.
> I reported this to isp, but they haven't noticed
> anything strange with 
> the connection. Someone told me that this could be a
> nic going bad. Any 
> ideas how to find out where the packets originate
> from and what to do 
> about it? I can't have the connection off for very
> long.

> --
> Mikko Kilpikoski
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