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Re: Tunneling SMB (139) through SSH

It's a typo, I was a little to quick firing off that message.



On Tuesday, September 2, 2003, at 10:37 AM, José Guzmán wrote:

Mensaje citado por Matthew Kopishke <Matt@Kopishke.org>:

I'm not sure if this is exactly a firewall question, but this list seem
like the best place to ask the question.

Here's the problem, our ISP has blocked off port 139 on all the routers
(for security reasons) and refuses to open it back up.  We (a school
district) run software for our lunch program, serving line to be exact.
  This software has one major flaw (and a bunch of minor ones too) in
that it runs off an access database that the software has to accessed
locally, ie through a windows share.  See the problem?

The solution I came up with is to tunnel port 139 via ssh to the server
where the data is stored.  It works great using OpenSSH on my Mac (OS
10.3, kind of ironic really), it seems to work fine on an XP machine,
but it will not work on the Windows 98 machines that I desperately need
to get running.  I've uninstalled file and printer sharing, and I've
also tried not logging into the windows network (just windows login)
but when ever I go to access //<sharepoint> I get "The
network name cannot be found.".

Does anyone see any gotchyas in there?  The other thing is I have a
linux firewall in each building, so if some one has a better idea using
them I'm all ears!



Maybe it's a typo, but the correct syntax is with backslashes instead of
'forward' ones:   \\\sharepoint




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