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Re: Debian-Firewall

 --- Hector Scaramelli <pwrpnt@wpowerpoint.com> escribió: 
> what are the minimun packages neded to build a firewall with debian?
> I have Adsl PPPoE using a router with fixed IP, need help to get connected
> and install packages from the website.
> Thanks
> Hector 


Please turn off HTML, as it makes messages unnecessarily large and many people
read their mail with text-based mail readers.

For a firewall, you need a machine with two (or more) NICs.  You need a recent
kernel with netfilter support either compiled in or built as modules.  You need
the iptables user-space program and a firewall building tool would not be a bad
idea.  Personally, I use shorewall at home and for a lab that I administer.

That's it as far the actual packages go.


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