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Re: system requirements

Martin Burman wrote:
> Mathias Kölsch wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >What are the system requirements for a debian-based router/firewall for
> >gigabit ethernet adapters?
> >
> I reply to the original post, the thread seems to lost some focus.
> I spent this weekend to look for an article that discussed these
> questions, but I was unable to find it.
> The PCI-bus got some limitations, i think it was about 433 mbit/s IRL.
> I recommend you to investigate PCI-X (or newer if it exists, I didn't
> find the article so I don't now how outdated this information is).

I too missed the original message, but perhaps I could add some info
too.  Some people within or close to my organization builds (and run)
linux routers/firewalls based on Bifrost (
http://bifrost.slu.se/index.en.html ).  It's neither cheap nor debian,
but it's quite tested and work's pretty well.

You can look at the currently recommended hardware at 
ftp://robur.slu.se/pub/Linux/bifrost/hardware.txt  (unfortunately on
swedish only but at least you can check the brands/models) used.  If
you're seriously interested I could try to translate the swedish only

Sincerely yours,

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