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Re: single module compile

On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 05:03, Shango Oluwa wrote:
> >
> >   You´d be better off with a 2.4.21 kernel, in a recent Debian weekely 
> > news note
> >  <http://www.debian.org/News/weekly/2003/24/> there's a link to an 
> > explanation
> >on using kernel-package, or you could compile your own kernel in the good 'ol
> >way (as is suggested in the kernel howto).
> Can anyone still drop a line about compiling modules after _after_ kernel 
> compile?

I'm planning on doing a guide on that as a follow-up to the original
article mentioned above, but haven't got around to it yet  :-(

If you check the Debian Universe site in a while you'll see it there, I
hope. I'm also intending to do a couple of chapters on firewall setup
under Debian and security in general, but that's a little way off yet.
Many other chapters to do first. When the time comes I'll be asking for
some input from the brainiacs on this list.

Cheers  :-)

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