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iptables to record bandwidth usage

I have already looked at the ULOG target including the ability to send
information about every packet to a MySQL database.  However, I don't
need records on every packet sent.  Instead, I only need totals on bytes
sent and received so that we can pass on charges to our clients.

What I need to do is just to total bandwidth usage on a per IP basis for
our connected clients.  Each client is issued with a fixed IP address in
the range.

I was thinking of using the ULOG target to send packets to a daemon I
will write which will simply keep a running tally of total bytes sent
and received.  Then every day, a cron job can query this daemon to
obtain all the daily totals for storage in a MySQL database.

Does anyone here use iptables in such a way to monitor and charge for
bandwidth usage?  What solutions do large ISPs use in order to pass on
costs to clients?  Do they somehow monitor usage at the routers?


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