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Re: Network Trouble : Multiple Network Cards

Am Fri, May 23, 2003 at 07:03:36PM +0200, Clisson Pierre sagte:
> > > I have troubles with my network.
> > >
> > > I'm dedicating an old machine to be a router/firewall.
> > > It's a p75 with 3 network cards:
> > > - eth0, PCI (eepro100) -> external interface
> > > - eth1, ISA (ne) -> LAN
> > > - eth2, ISA (3c509) -> DMZ
> > I have the same problem with u,
> > When i use the eepro 10M isa NIC with a Compaq NC3121(intel 82558B),
> > It seems all ok,
> > but neither eepro or Compaq work.
> > I checked the PC bios of plug&play and the kernel's plug&play 
> > setting......
> > Anything i must take care?
> > But it worked in the Redhat 6.2 before.
> I removed all the network card drivers but eepro, and then eth0 worked.
> But how can I make the three NICs work together ?


isa-cards need proper irq and io parameter to work
if you still have your redhat around take a look at
to find the needed values

on Debian "modconf" is the nice tool to configure 
kernel-modules BTW

ah and you will see nothing in /proc/pci 

if the 3c509 still dont work you have to use a dos-config tool to setup the
card first. (no joke ;)
you basicly have to set these ioport's and irq's manualy with this tool
vs. "PNP-OS".
(if this card was never used with linux before try this first)

I have both cards running here.
if I recall correct I had to use the dos-tool for the 3c509 
(no special setup in linux later)
for the ne no tool was needed but the correct parameters for the
module. I just tryed some 
(here it's io=0x300) 



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