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DCC chat/sends howto ??

Ok im having big difficulty with allowing my firewall
to do DCC chats/sends.

I have tried to compile the IRC protocol into the
kernel 2.4.20, and ive also tried compiling it as a
module as well, and doing seperate insmod cmds which
all have stated that they are loaded.

Right now, i can do a DCC chat if someone else sends
the request to me, a box pops up and it can be
connected.   Now when i try to send them a request,
they get a box to pop up, and when they try to accept
it just times out.

Ive tried just DCC chat myself between 2 clients on
the same box, and no matter what ive tried, via /ctcp
user CHAT  or /dcc chat user   neither would allow a
connection, the request would be sent, but it couldnt
be connected and sent back.

This is my first line in my iptables script

$IPTABLES -A INPUT -m state --state

So it should work, i would think.  Anyone have
suggestions as to what could possibly be blockin the
requests from being sent back to me?  I need this to
work between internal boxes, and also between external
boxes as well.

Please let me know if theres any more info that would
be helpful in diagnosing this


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