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iptables / traffic accounting


 I'm currently using the following rules to account my IP-Traffic:

                iptables -N traffic
                iptables -A traffic -i eth0
                iptables -A traffic -o eth0

                iptables -A INPUT -j traffic
                iptables -A OUTPUT -j traffic

And I'm using the following command "iptables -L traffic -v -n
--line-numbers -x -Z" to get the traffic which was send over my eth0
interface and reset it (i do this every hour). 

My Provider uses for its accounting data from Cisco Routers.

And here is my problem: The traffic i'm logging using my iptables rules
is 5-6% lesser than the data my provider is logging.

Has anyone an idea from where my provider could get the additional 5-6%
traffic? Or where i lose the 5-6% ?

Thanks for any help,


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