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Re: Monitoring traffice

On 05/12/2003 01:41:11 PM "Butler, Chad" wrote:

>> I just switched from an ipchains-based firewall to an iptables-based
>> firewall.  Previously, I would run the command, ipchains -ML to show the
>> current masqueraded connections.  I have installed the iptraf package,
but I
>> am more interested in the destinations of the connections than the
>> statistics of the interfaces.  Is there a command that can be run which
>> give the same output as the ipchains -ML?

Are you looking for something like this:

apt-get install iptstate

                              IPTables - State Top
Version: 1.2.1        Sort: SrcIP           s to change sorting
Source IP             Destination IP        Proto   State        TTL,35633,22            tcp     ESTABLISHED  119:59:59

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