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Re: i need some basic help...

> Hi, I have a problem with my linux box. 
> Packets from the internal networks doesn't flow through the external if.
> I had double checked everything, but it still doesn't work. I'm going
> slightly mad.
> [ Windoz ][ Linux ][ Internet ]
> Thanks in advance,
> Federico

Your router ([Linux]) sees everything but not a box ([Windoz]) behind it:

Possible causes:

 1 the [Windoz] box might be missing a default route to [Linux]
 2 the [Internet] don't know how to send packets to [Windoz] because:
   a, it has a private network number
   b, don't know the route to it


 1 add the default route either manually in network->properties->tcp-ip
   or through bootp/dhcp
 2 the is your isp's box? Use source nat or masquerading.
   The quickest fix is probably to install ipmasq on [Linux].


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