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Re: stoping net scans

Mensaje citado por Sêrêciya Kurdistanî <sereciya@kurdistan.ath.cx>:

> Hello,
> On Sat, Apr 12, 2003 at 11:50:10AM -0500, Jos? A. Guzm?n wrote:
> >  Is there a tool (log monitoring or otherwise) that effectively blocks
> incoming
> > port scans (maybe interacting with iptables)?.
>   A properly configured firewall.
> >  What are you guys using to block incoming port scans?
>   See above.  
>   The best thing to do is to set up a "statefull" firewall,
>   meaning, any outgoing packet originating from you will be
>   allowed back in (ie also known as "reflexive" rules).
>   I regret that I don't have any examples on hand, good luck ;)

    I currently have configured an iptables firewall (-m state) allowing
incoming established connections only and inbound connections to active/intended
ports on designated servers, but my net gets attempted scans several times a
day, and increasing every week.

  Wouldn´t it be easier on the firewall to drop traffic on scanners as soon as
they are detected, than having every packet parsed through every rule on the
firewall box until it reaches the -P DROP ?

 On the other hand, I had not considered Bernd´s advice on the denial of service
possibility opened by blocking incoming port scans of forged IPs; is this DoS a
common practice? 

 What do you guys have experienced?

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