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Routing, maybe NAT...

Hi all,

I am new to Debian and just got down setting up a server to run tunnelv. I am curious as to how I go about doing something. Before I start, here is what my home network looks like:

INTERNET <-> Cable Modem <-> LinkSys Cable/DSL Router <-> 8-port Switch <-> 3 Computers.

The 3 computers are configured with IP's They have 192.
168.1.1 as the default router address. The *.101 and *.102 machines are end user, Mac and Win98. The *.100 is running Debian Linux with tunnelv. The machine has as IP, as default router. When I startup tunnelv, it adds some stuff to routing tables, and obviously allows me to access my work's private network (which is a 192.168.42.*). Everything works fine and the Debian box can access the private network. But... I now want to provide this same VPN access over to my other machines, the Mac and the Win98 box.

So I thought that I could setup the Debian box as a gateway. This is what I did:

Set default router address on Mac and Win98 to the Debian box's IP, Started up /usr/sbin/routed

With just that done, it didn't work, Mac couldn't access work's private network. I really don't have any experience with setup of a gateway box, so don't know how to go about this. Do I need to setup routes? Maybe setup a NATing router so packets from private network can find their way to the Mac!?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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