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Re: CLOSING a web server!!!!!!

Kaixo Michael Bergbauer!!!

> >  I only need:
> > 
> >   21 -> only from my fix IP
> Why? Don't you know SCP?

 Well....  i know it, but....... my friend prefere ftp.. :-(

> First of all, stop any damon that isn't needed for operation. 
> Second, bind all daemons that are still running to the correct 
> interfaces. 
> Third, you should be where you want to be.
> I also suggest to put your named, httpd and imapd into chroot jails,

 Ok..... thanks...

> >  What are the BETTER and MORE SECURE iptables rules for this server????
> Better and more secure than what?

 I want to CLOSE and SECURE the server the maximum i can.....


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