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RE: unresolved symbols after building new kernel

Please excuse my reply. It seems i have encountered antother of the
drawbacks of ms lookout on my workstation. It does wierd things to
attachments sometimes - (other than executing arbitrary code)

Which of the config options have I missed ? I cant quite spot where I've
gone wrong in my selections. ( I know that the conntrack_* , esp , and ah
modules aren't necessary for this purpose, but they are there for
redundancy purposes - a whole other topic)



-----Original Message-----
From: Ian Johnstone <ianj@westnet.com.au>
To: <charlesk@generalpants.com.au>
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 16:51:43 +0800
Subject: RE: unresolved symbols after building new kernel

> the file I sent was a standard LINUX file, not sure why you think was a
> .DAT file
> LINUX files don't have the \r\n that Windows text files have just a \n
> ,
> hence the odd look of the file
> if you get it to your LINUX box it should work a ok
> Ian

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