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vpn masquerade pptp


I having trouble getting my woody box to act as a vpn masquerade firewall.

I'm running a custom kernel 2.4.18. (made from kernel-source 2.4.18) and the 
old .config from kernel-image-2.4.18-586tsc)
The only thing I changed on the kernel was that I patched it with
a patch file to add ip_nat_pptp and ip_conntrack_pptp modules.
(got the patch from google searching)

The kernel compiled ok and I rebooted into the system no prob. I ran modconf to
add in the new modules and they added successful.

I have 2 M$ machines behind my masq'ing box. I have another pptp woody 
vpnserver about a 20 minutes drive away that they can vpn into.
(its on a public IP)
Everything works ok if I only vpn in with one windows machine at a time.
I cannot get both to vpn into the same vpn server at the same time.

I'm sure I'm missing something. Has anyone successfully done this on woody with 
a 2.4.x kernel. Google has lots of info for a 2.2.x. I supposed I could revert 
back, but I like my iptables.

Any suggestions?
Do I need a specific patch to compile the kernel with?



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