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Re: CLOSING a web server!!!!!!

On Thu Jan 30, 2003 at 04:1732PM +0100, Iñaki Martínez wrote:
> Hi!!!
>  I want to close a Web server almost ALL!!!
>  I only need:
>   21 -> only from my fix IP

Why? Don't you know SCP?

>   22 -> only from my fix IP
>   53 -> any IP (only for my domains = BIND config)
>   80 -> any IP obiously
>  443 -> same as 80

First of all, stop any damon that isn't needed for operation. 
Second, bind all daemons that are still running to the correct 
Third, you should be where you want to be.

I also suggest to put your named, httpd and imapd into chroot jails,

>  What are the BETTER and MORE SECURE iptables rules for this server????

Better and more secure than what?

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