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shorewall dynip problem

Helo all !

I need to forward http and https connection from a laptop on the internet to a web server inside our network.
Until we get ipsec and dmz working ok I did the following :

- Subscribed the laptop to dynip.com
- added the proper rule in shorewall config file :

ACCEPT:info     net:thelaptop.dynip.com    loc:    tcp    http,https  -  all

oh and also, I added the ip that was given to us by dynip.com in the blacklist file for the time when the laptop is not connected to the web.

this is working perfectly until the laptop disconnects and reconnect to the internet with a new ip.

If I lookup the ip for the dynip name 2-5 minutes after the laptop connects :

dig thelaptop.dynip.com

I get the newly assign ip associated with that name but shorewall doesnt seem to update itself.  I need to restart shorewall in order to accept the connection from that new ip.

I look forward to know the answer to this one !

Thanks !

Dominique Fortier
Consultant en Solutions Libres

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