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howto get pptpd with mppe to run ?

Hello list,
i got in stuck while trying to get pptpd 1.1.0-1 with the mppe 
compression/encryption to run.

I used the debian kernel sources 2.4.18 and patched it with the unstable 
kernel-patch-mppe 1.2-1 fine so far and then made the kernel compile also
fine. According to the logs the ppp_mppe mod registers fine, after a test
conx i see 
in the logs pptp reports unknown options mppe-128 or mppe-40, then when i
try rmmod ppp_mppe and modprobe ppp_mppe again i get "No License" but the
mod was loaded anyway.

A testconx with simple chap proto works ok.

Any ideas ???


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