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Re: Stateful problem when using IMAP. Need a Guru.

Ryan wrote:
> When I enable stateful filtering (sh fw-up) on Router1 IMAP connections 
> to my mail server behind Router2 are painfully slow druing the initial 
> connection. If I disable sateful filtering (sh fw-dn) on Router1 IMAP 
> connections have no issues.

This sounds like a reverse DNS problem to me. Make sure you can resolve
addresses correctly from the imap servers.

> I have a feeling the problem is in the way I have stateful filtering 
> enabled on Router2 but I'm too much of a n00b to figure it out.

Maybe you should add a logging rule to each chain temporarily, so you
can see if packets are being dropped improperly just by reaching the end
of the chain. If that doesn't identify the problem, I'd try removing all
the DROP rules one by one to see which one is doing it.


  Jason McCarty

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