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Installing a Diskless Debian Firewall Using CompactFlash

Dear all,

I was thinking about installing a diskless and read-only Debian/IPTables
firewall using a CompactFlash card instead of a normal hard disk. The
idea is to get an installation as minimal as possible and do logging to
another host in the network.

Does anyone know if there is any good documentation out there?

Any hints, tips suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Antonio Navarro

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On 2002-11-25 at 17:59 ezra daniel wrote:

>Thanks to all for the answers.
>I am sorry for the "unidentified subject" I was distracted and didnt
>realized of it untill it was too late.
>Well... I hope this week to be able to change the firewall or try the
>module solutions you people suggest me.
>When I get the chance to try either solution I will let you know how it
>worked ;)
>Thanks a whole lot.
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