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Re: rinetd Problem

On Fri, Nov 22, 2002 at 11:36:42AM +0100, Andrej Dragicevic wrote:
> I have a problem with rinetd. I want to allow two diferent IPs to be 
> redirected on two diferent ports. Here is my rinetd.conf:

you may want to read the man page.

> allow 222.111.55.*

this is the global allow rule, if you want this to be valid only for the
first entry, put it after the rule.

> ... but it's not possible to do it on this way. On this way, the 
> forwarding works just for the 1st sample, not for the 2nd. Does anybody 
> have a better idea???

You need to tell us what you have tried and what happened. You may want to
check the output of "netstat -l" on the rinetd host to see if the ports are
open and use telnet to see it's reaction on connect. You also may want to
have a look in the logfile


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