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Re: Connecting 2 internet connections through one server

Sure - As a side note I did it and got it working, thanks to the link
provided by a member of this list, thanks! :) 

I currently run a cable connection since I prefer that - near static ip,
bit of a speed boost, no bandwidth cap (yet!), etc... Prior to moving back
in with my parents, they got an ADSL link through my dad's work which
allows him to work remotely.  The link is therefore free (as in beer ;P)
(my dad would also like to keep that link primarily for his remote work).
Up until this modification they were running the ADSL direct from their
computer and I was sharing the Cable amongst my computers.  

Last Monday morning the CEO of the company I work for (a security company)
got on the TV and bascially scard the heck out of my mother.  When I got
home she was going on about how she wasn't going to connect to the
internet again until they got a firewall, etc, etc... It's not completely
unjustified seeing as it is a bit irresponsible to run an unprotected
widows box, even though their risk was minimal due to the fact that
they have a dynamic ip and they disconnect whenever they're done
browsing/emailing.  And I, having a spare hub and NIC, thought this would
be cheaper and more fun than just setting them up with an off the shelf

Which brought me to this list and the wonders of iproute2 ;P  

Good enough?  Still awake? 


On Tue, 5 Nov 2002, Rob Weir wrote:

> On Sun, Nov 03, 2002 at 09:40:15PM -0500, Mike Kelland wrote:
> > The topology consists of 3 network cards in the server, each connected to
> > a different segment:
> > eth0 - Cable internet connection
> > eth1 - Connection to internal hub (all internal computers are set up with
> > static ips)
> > eth2/ppp0 - Connection to ADSL
> > 
> > The current setup consists of my computers being masq'd through eth0 and
> > eth2/ppp sitting idle.  The plan is to have my parents' computer be masq'd
> > through ppp0 while keeping mine the way they are.  Anyone have any
> > suggestions on how this might be accomplished? 
> I'm kind of curious: can you tell us why you want to do this?
> -rob

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