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Re: Connecting 2 internet connections through one server

On Sun, Nov 03, 2002 at 09:40:15PM -0500, Mike Kelland wrote:
> The topology consists of 3 network cards in the server, each connected to
> a different segment:
> eth0 - Cable internet connection
> eth1 - Connection to internal hub (all internal computers are set up with
> static ips)
> eth2/ppp0 - Connection to ADSL
> The current setup consists of my computers being masq'd through eth0 and
> eth2/ppp sitting idle.  The plan is to have my parents' computer be masq'd
> through ppp0 while keeping mine the way they are.  Anyone have any
> suggestions on how this might be accomplished? 

I'm kind of curious: can you tell us why you want to do this?


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