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Re: iptables - problem with a subnet

"Michel Pikkaart" <michel@pikkaart.net> writes:

> I have a little network <IP>/29 at home. My server has IP number
> x.x.x.206. What I would like is to give all my computers on my local
> network full access to my server. So I put this as first at top of my
> iptables list. for example my ranges is
> -A INPUT -s -j ACCEPT       (policy is DROP)
> but this doesn't work. So I try the rules here below and this does work
> very well.
> Does someone know what I'm doing wrong?

Probably you forgot to permit packets get out from server :
-A OUTPUT -d -o eth0 -j ACCEPT
same for FORWARD chain.  And it`s better to set in/out interfaces
You should add at the bootom of every chain log rules to see what`s
going on.

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