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Woody RFPT for firewall?

This comes up in a sort of roundabout fashion:  I'd like to install the
spamassassin package[*] on my firewall, but it's not in stable, and my
attempts to build it from source on my Potato-based firewall have so far
not borne fruit.  The testing version of the package depends on the
testing version of libc6 (of course), perl and dpkg, which between them
will probably drag in half of Woody behind them.  Now, I've been trying
to stick with Potato on my firewall (since AIUI, this sort of thing is
the raison d'etre for the stable branch), but since we're supposed to be
in the midst of a freeze and all, this situation prompted me to begin
considering the benefits versus the risks of beginning a migration to
Woody -- and so I humbly petition the list for thoughts and advice on
the matter.  TIA.

[*] <URL:http://packages.debian.org/spamassassin>

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