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Re: Setting up a new FIREWALL with VPN

	Hello all,

Adric écrivait :
> If the windows clients are single machines (not on a network of their 
> own), then that (vtun) won't quite work right.  Check your Windows 
> machines to see what VPN tech they are capable of. If you can do IPSEC 
> (the standard) you can use Freeswan on Linux to set up your tunnels. If 
> your Windows machines can't do IPSEC yet, you may have to get PGP (which 
> provides a PGPnet IPSEC client).  Linux freeswan is at freeswan.org 
> (AFAIR) or just apt-cache search freeswan.

FYI, Windows is capable of using PPTP connexions (from Win98SE at least).
So you may try PPTP daemon for Linux. I never tryied the daemon myself
since we use dedicated hardware for the daemon side. But the Windows client
works just fine and is given with the default Windows installation
componants => nothing more to get, just select Communication / VPN.

I did try PPTP client for Linux (with Debian Woody) and didn't success,
but I must admit I only tried for a few minutes... And I'm pretty sure it
will works when I'll really have time to fully test it. Probably this
week-end... ;-)

Cheers, J.C.

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