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Setting up a new FIREWALL with VPN

I'm planning a new system that will act as a gateway/firewall for a
network behind a cable modem.

The idea is to have all clients able to use the gateway to access the
internet for EMail only (I figure IPMASQ blocking all those ports) and
then user auth'd proxy for the web... I figure I'll use SQUID for that.

My question however, is setting this all up with allowing for VPN...

I want users outside the network on windows clients to be able to connect
securely to the network with encription (of course) and user
authentication (a generic password or usernames will suffice)

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this... and perhaps a URL
for howto's or whatever?

I'm confident that I'll be able to set up SQUID and IPMASQ and securing
the machine.. but I've never done linux debian VPN before...


Thanks a bunch!  

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