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Re: [iptables] init script

Rainer Ellinger <rainer@ellinger.de> writes:

> Davi Leal schrieb:
> > Is there a iptables standard script, as "/etc/network/interface" to
> > network interfaces?.
> Yes, configure and read /etc/default/iptables and save your running 
> iptables ruleset with /etc/init.d/iptables save active

Better yet, forget the whole /etc/default/iptables stuff and set your
firewalling up through appropriate scripts in the /etc/network/if-*.d/
directories.  For an idea on how you could go about this, have a look
at the attached tarball.

Oh, by the way, you can just ignore those /etc/default/trusted-path
lines.  They are left-overs from centrally enforcing a trusted path
(what else?)  in my shell scripts.  Since all scripts are using an
absolute path to invoke iptables, they don't have any effect.
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Description: iptables configuration via /etc/network/if-*.d scripts

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