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My first firewall


I am in the process of building my first Debian
firewall.  Have the following items, HW and distro
- Debian 2.2r6 on CD
- Have 2.4.18 kernel to upgrade to on CD
- P3, 350MHz, 128MB RAM, 8GB SCSI Ultra Wides
  two NICs (3Com Fast EtherLink XL, 3C905B-TX),
  and ATI Xpert 128 (not that X-Win will be running
  here, just for reference purposes)

I would like suggestions of what to install as a
basis for this, since all it will be is just a firewall
box, nothing else.  eth0 will be assigned to point
to a router (down the road), eth1 will be assigned to
point inside to the LAN.

Thanks in advance.  And yes, I am looking at the LDP's
How-To's at the moment too.

--- Crawford

The I.T.E.C. Company
P.M.B. 146
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