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3 nic and routing


I am trying to setup a linux (debian potato, kernel
2.2.19) box as a firewall . I have 3 nics on it.

I have got a bunch of 32 public ips from my
isp( I have subdivided this into
groups of 16 each and one group is given for my dmz

First card eth0( connected to my cisco
router. 2rd card (eth1) to internal lan with pvt ips. 
Third(eth2) ( one to a hub which
connects to my machines with public ips (my dmz).my
dmz has  proxy/mail/web servers.

My router ip is

I am able to ping to router and access net from the
firewall but unable to ping even the router
( from other machines connected
to eth1 or eth2. From all machines, I can ping all
cards in the firewall.

This is route output:

Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags
Metric Ref    Use Iface *      U    
0      0        0 eth2  *      U    
0      0        0 eth0   *        U    
0      0        0 eth1
default         UG   
0      0        0 eth0
For example, if I try to traceroute to, it reaches the correct card in the
firewall but from there it times out. (no ipchain
rules running right now).

Any suggestions ?


Suresh Kumar R.
Assistant Professor
Dept of Electronics & Communication
College of Engineering, 
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 016, INDIA
Email : sureshkumar@ieee.org
Phone : 91-471-515660/515653/595634

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