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Re: Firewall protects, so what directs?

Thomas Cook said:
> I have spent the last few months constructing an ipchains firewall for
> my computer lab.  I finally got everything working a week or so ago,
> but I realized there is noting telling things where to go.
> My firewall divides my network into an internal lab (, all
> ip_forward and MASQ on the firewall), and a DMZ for my servers
> (  The firewall tells all the packets where they can and
> cant go, but how do I tell packets where they should go?  For
> example...
> Lets say my external ip is  So someone on the internet plugs
> in their browser.  The browser contacts my firewall's external
> interface asking for connect on port 80.  How do I tell my firewall to
> direct that www request to into a request to port 80
> (my apache server)?

In a previous post you suggested that you have assigned dynamic IP's to both
networks. I can't see how this can work.I'd at least assign static IP's to
the servers.



Simon Higgs.

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