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Re: NAT and H323

I tried portfw, autofw and a couple of 2.2 kernel helper modules 
(ip_masq_h232 and ip_masq_netmeeting) and various combinations
of the above.

I was able to get bits working.  Some bits would only work one 
way, some bits wouldn't work at all.  Some bits worked fine.  There
seemed to be a lot of black magic involved and I didn't have the time
or facilities to investigate it properly.

I gave up - but that doesn't mean you should.  If you search the 
web you can find people claiming to have the magical incantations 
to get Netmeeting through NAT.  The incantations change with 
every new version out of Redmond, but if your organisation can 
standardise on the one version you should be able to get it 
working with enough persistence.

> Hi Everybody,
> OpenH323 project is known for  me but I search the best and simplest
> solution. I have read somewhere the following settings but I dont know
> whether enough for Netmeeting. I dont think so :) ipmasqadm autofw -A
> -r tcp 389 389 ipmasqadm autofw -A -r tcp 522 522 ipmasqadm autofw -A
> -r tcp 1503 1503 ipmasqadm autofw -A -r tcp 1720 1720 ipmasqadm autofw
> -A -r tcp 1731 1731 ipmasqadm autofw -A -r tcp 1024 65535 ipmasqadm
> autofw -A -r udp 1024 65535 Is it necessary  to recompile kernel
> module or is there a system what statisfy my request. Im thinking
> about microsoft portrait for example what uses 3 ports only.
> Thanks,
> Kalman

Paul Haesler                    paul@phaesler.org
                                ICQ: 124547085

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