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Re: Packet Loss -Samba - Pinging

On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 08:31:59PM -0800, Mac Martine wrote:
> Hello. I am new to Linux, so this should be pretty simple.
> I have RedHat with Samba and Apache. Then I have a Windows machine with XP.

You might do better to ask this question on a RedHat linux list - this list
is for Debian GNU/Linux. This is especially true if your problem is a
RedHat-specific problem, as they'll have more of an idea, so you'll get your
problem fixed quicker!

> They are both behind my router/firewall which serves dhcp address
> and
> In XP I can see the Linux machine, and I can successfully ping it by ip,
> but:
> Problem 1: When I ping by machine name the command prompt appears and
> disappears without displaying anything.

Do you have DNS set up for the machines behind your firewall?

> Problem 2: When i try to ping my linux machine by ip it gets a reply but
> with 100% packet loss.

Sorry, I don't understand this. How can you get a reply if all the packets
are getting lost? Would you mind giving the output that shows this please?

> Problem 3: When i click the icon for the linux box I get the error "Network
> Path not found".

Not sure about this last one. I've seen it before but haven't used Samba in a
while so I don't remember!

Good luck sorting it all out!

Best wishes,

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