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Re: help

On Sat, 08 Dec 2001, zhangsc@neusoft.com wrote:
> I have question about DNS.

I am not quite sure I follow your questions, but I will try to answer

> I want to know reverse DNS role. When I input a IP address, DNS will
> return the IP's relevent domain,


> what role of this function in DNS? 

Debugging: You can find out what host name is associated with an address
when, for example, you perform a ping or traceroute operation.

Informational: You can turn the address of a client machine into some
sort of name that's easier for a human to understand when reading your

Reverse DNS lookup is also used as a security tool in a number of
places, including the "TCP Wrappers". It is ineffective in this role,
however, in an uncontrolled environment like the Internet.[1]

> My second question whether adverse DNS 

Do you mean "reverse" here, or do you mean "hostile"?

> is related with firewall,if has,what is it?

If you mean reverse, it serves little real purpose on a firewall
machine. You shouldn't process log files on it, so it's only for
debugging that it helps at all.

Don't try securing a network by requiring reverse DNS exist or map to
the same hostname or anything. You will deny service to legitimate users
without adding any real protection against an attacker.


[1]  Others may disagree with this assessment. If you do, I welcome your
     description of a scenario where this /does/ add security.[2]

[2]  ...in the absence of DNSSEC being implemented, which is the current
     (common) case, of course. Adding DNSSEC changes the playing field.

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