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On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Paul Haesler wrote:

> > 
> >  Isnt this assuming that the internet connection uses ppp?
> > Cablemodem, for instance, doesnt use ppp at all - a fact that seems to
> > have escaped the maintainer of the dhcpcd package too. How would one
> > solve this problem in the case of cablemodem?
> Cable uses an ethernet interface - check out the debian commands
> ifup and ifdown and the config file /etc/network/interfaces - in 
> particular the pre-up and post-down fields.
Thanks - I will.

> You shouldn't need dhcpd for cable - dhclient is sufficient.

Is this a typo? I wrote dhcpcd - which is the client daemon - rather than
dhcpd which is the server daemon. Or are you saying that dhclient is
better than dhcpcd?

> Don't be scared by cable companies calling their IP addresses
> "dynamic".  The fact is that DHCP allocates IP addresses based
> on a hash of your MAC address.  As long as your box is up most
> of  the time (and with Linux why wouldn't it be) you're IP address
> won't change.  I've had the same IP address since I was connected
> 3 months ago.  Before that I was with another cable provider for
> 4 months - again same IP address the whole time.
Good info.


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