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[OT] list bounce message

Hi all

When I sent a message to this list I got in return the bounce message
attached below.

I have received this bounce message for postings to this list for quite
some time, so this isn't a transient error.

I don't read polish and can't read this error message. This is obviously
the result of some misconfigurations and such. However, this is not my

I am not the list owner. I can't upsubscribe this address or suspend it.
Furthermore, the fact that my message wasn't delivered to this specific
subscriber is not relevant to me personally. I only know that it got
delivered to the list, and this is enough for me.

What can be done?
In most mailing lists that I'm subscribed to, the mailing list server
rewrites the Sender: header to the address of the mailing list owner. Thus
the mailing-list owner, or the mailing list software (for automatic bounce

This way bounces never reach the senders.


Tzafrir Cohen

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 23 Nov 2001 20:25:36 GMT
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: Tzafrir Cohen <tzafrir@technion.ac.il>
Subject: [ISO-8859-2] Wiadomo¶ז nie mog³a byז dostarczona

Przykro mi, ale Twoja wiadomo¶ז o temacie "Re: Auto starting iptables " nie mog³a byז
dostarczona do adresata (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx). Powodem tego jest przekroczenie dozwolonej
pojemno¶ci jej/jego skrzynki pocztowej, sprףbuj pף¼niej.

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