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Auto starting iptables


I've read 95% of the HOWTO's for iptables and I've done a limited search
of the archives, but I don't see what I'm looking for.  How do I start
my rc.firewall script at boot time.  I notices a S10ipchains, but there
is no S10iptables.  Has anyone modified S10ipchains to support iptables?
or what is the correct approach?

I want to use SID and 2.4.14 (or 15 when it's out) on a dual P3 733
machine with 256 RAM.  Currently this is a redhat 6.2 box and I like the
.deb format so much better (my computer is a dual boot SID 2.4.14-K6 and
Win 95).

I'm not subscribed so please reply to at least this address.

TIA and Happy Thanksgiving,


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