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RE: NetBIOS? problem

My problem is very simple.
All machines are in one network.
Firewall is only for Internet connection (ISDN modem).
All authentification works fine.
But one special program can't get write-access to the specified file.
It is nonsense for me!
Two slightly different iptables setups work in a completely different
manner - the first is not secure, but it works.
The second is more secure (at least I hope so :)), but the program says
"can't write to file!". How can it influence file operations???

I am rather new to all this stuff.

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> From: J. Currey [mailto:jcurrey@simon.stmarytx.edu]
> Subject: Re: NetBIOS? problem
> I use NAT with a number of SMB machines successfully.
> I was not able to get all services behind the firewall.
> There must be a WINS service that provides the munged addresses.
> If you want it to respond to broadcasts (proxy) then it should be
> on the same network.
> You will probably want a WINS server inside too to provide real
> addresses to
> the NAT'd network.
> On one network (where I control the DHCP) I set the windows boxes to
> only use WINS, and assigned a WINS service, otherwise you'll need to
> manually set a WINS server on the box.
> The domain authentication ended up being separate from the WINS
> service (this was because of some domains authentication being NT and
> some being Linux), even the NT domains use SAMBA WINS service.
> I found I could not use Microsoft's WINS services because
> of its promiscuous nature, use the SAMBA NG 2.2+ stuff instead,
> it is stable
> and doesn't overwrite static settings on whim of the owner of the name.
> Announces from inside the NAT'd net to the outside WINS service can still
> screw it up, so don't do that.
> One of the problems with authentication is it always uses a broadcast,
> which I never successfully NAT'd to the inside, and even then the
> perspective
> inside was wrong, so the embedded addresses didn't make sense to the asker
> (as Joerg Wendland noted).
> A piece of /var/state/samba/wins.dat outside the NAT.
> (a bare bones samba only box)
> "^A^B__MSBROWSE__^B#01" 1005304692 84R
> "SMBDOMAIN#00" 0 c4R
> "SMBDOMAIN#1b" 0 44R
> "SMBDOMAIN#1c" 0 e4R
> "SMBDOMAIN#1e" 0 c4R
> You can also do
> "SMBDOMAIN#00" 0 c4R
> is the public wins server giving NAT'd addresses.
> 1c is the domain authentication
> is a sacrificial (bare bones) backup domain server (NT)
> to the domain
> server on the NAT'd network, they keep synchronized fine, as long as they
> use their local wins servers to locate each other.
> If you have a choice, I'd use the samba domain authentication instead.
> I really need to write more of this down.  I'd be glad to help with
> with writing the code for IP-tables modules to fix some of these kludges,
> although I don't think it can overcome all the issues.
> 	J. Currey

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