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OT: Apology was Re: be hot


    This is a quick note of apology. There is at least one BeOS cultist 
on this group quite concerned with the fate of the platform, but that 
does not excuse such spam and crossposting.

    Please do not consider that @#$^@#^&@#$%&#$%& representative of the 

    Excuse me, I have to go find(8) and LART(8) somebody ...

adric (BeOS cultist since DR6 or so)

> This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
>  Greeetings .
> recently the BeOs has become available for aquisition . Palm has been 
the major contender so far with it's intention of using code base for 
other projects which will have nothing to do with BeOs . Effectivily 
the demise of a beutifull OS. Built from the ground up for multi 
media , scalability and performance . To any who have used this 
ellegant OS or are involved with multi media and computers the future 
looks bleak . an Apple and Microsoft complete dominance over the 
market /*very high pricess and uniformness or unreliability and 
> Fortunatly there is a group who has noticed what was going on and has 
acted . FreeBeOs . 
> they are intent on a comunity purchase and relese as freeware by the 
OpenSouce community . 
> They Need Y O U R E Help .
> You are the opensouce comunity and You will be the benefactor of this 
tryumph .
> For more infomation please write to 
>  OpenBeOs@hotmail.com
> sincerly .
>  Sid Davies .
> please excuss shocking spelling

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