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Re: good dau firwall (;

I recommend you two free firewall scripts based on Netfilter. The first
is shorewall(http://www.shorewall.net). This is very flexible and
powerful firewall script. But the shorewall has no useful GUI, yet. and
you need understanding about TCP/IP and application level protocols,
because this script not provide embedded rules.

The another one is gShield(http://muse.linuxmafia.org/gshield.html).
Using this script is very easy and simple. This has good GUI frontend,
gShieldConf (http://members.home.com/vhodges/gshieldconf.html). The
gShield is good for small network or internet connected desktop workstation.

Andreas Leitner wrote:

>is there a .deb for a stable and reasonable safe firewall that is easy
>to setup and maintain. I don't need to be able to controll all details,
>instead a simply gui/web-interface around it would be neat.
>Something like firestarter or smoothwall.

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