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RE: Firewall Related Question

Concerning my opinion, you'd better have dedicated machine/gateway
for firewall purposes, especially if a significant traffic is the case.
Such a multihomed firewall can be configured VERY flexible and
will satisfy classical scheme with DMZ (demilitarized zone).
Or you can make one of the servers to function as a firewall in
addition to its own functions. (It is not preferable though)

> so my question is: Can I install a Firewall on each of my Debian
> Boxes to filter/block incoming and outgoing Network Traffic ?

Of course you can! :)
But it is not such a common approach - to make three configs
instead of one. :)

And yeah, there was a big discussion on the topic of the 
firewalling schemes on this list at second half of August.
You can check the archive.

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