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Re: checking the not allowed changing of IP's

lunedì 15 ottobre 2001, alle 23:49, Imran Geriskovan:
: Hi,
: We use DHCP in our LAN.
: I wonder if I can block any traffic generated by any
: local computer which did NOT get its IP from DHCP server.
: (DHCP server and gateway/firewall are on the same box)
: Any ideas?
	the only thing I can suggest is filtering based on MAC address
using the content of DHCPD database or some script that queries the
DHCPD database extracts assigned IP and write some iptables roles or at
the end a little modification of DHCPD source to trigger an iptables
rule at every assegnation/deletion. 


Stefano Canepa e-mail: sc@linux.it

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