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question about ipchains on dual interface machine


Apologies for the length of this, I'm just running some thoughts through
my mind on a setup I have here.

I have a machine, X,, that has two modems in it.  One
modem, /dev/ttyS2, dials into Y, as needed, and the other,
/dev/ttyS0, into the Internet.

I want to deny ports 23, 37,137,139, etc, from the Internet, but allow
them from Y.

So i setup

/sbin/ipchains -I input -i ppp+ --destination-port=23 -p tcp -j REJECT

So as expected, this blocks port 23 on both ppp interfaces.

Now, since ppd 2.3.11 doesn't have the unit command, there's a
possiblity that the interfaces could get flipped around, ppp0 being ppp1
and vice versa, it all depends on whether a link is up or not when the
other tries to get out.  So a simple -i ppp0 on the internet interface
won't work, cause it could be ppp1 at random

Now, I have two choices.

if [ $DEVICE == "/dev/ttyS2" ]; then
    /sbin/ipchains -I input -i $IFNAME --destination-port=23 -p tcp -j

in my /etc/ip-up.d/00fw

or i can

/sbin/ipchains -I input -i ppp+ -s --destination-port=23
-p tcp -j ACCEPT

My question is, lets say I have a service on 23, that's vulnerable to
scrptkiddie.c.  Assume a properly crafted packet can overflow it, and
open a rootshell on port ... 911.  Can a spoofed packet be sent over the interface, that says its source packet is, which
would be allowed through, causing this hypothetical exploit?

The second ipchains option seems a bit cleaner to me, but obviously no
good if the above situation is possible.  If  the ipchains table is
reset when either interface comes up, I suppose the rules will go away
from the /sbin/usr/ipmasq if it's the wrong connection on the pppX
interface, so the first ipchains should be possible

I suspect I've missed something somewhere in my understanding of
firewalling, is all.



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