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bridging is not so good?

Hallo, in http://bridge.sourceforge.net/ i read:

<<Here you can find my rewrite of the linux ethernet bridging code. I 
(Lennert Buytenhek) rewrote the linux bridging code over the last few months 
because the old code was a big mess and nonextensible.>>

 Mhh...  all patches found are for 2.2.x kernel series; I'd like to update to 
2.4.10 but it seems not to support bridging.

 My goal is to build a firewall without changing all-hosts configurations, I 
already use an old 2.2.17 bridge for it. But for upgrading, perhaps it could 
be done using iptables with Nat?

Thank you!
Marco marco@taffi.it

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