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Re: ip_masq_icq

On Fri, 21 Sep 2001, Antti Tolamo wrote:

> Wim Badenhop wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am wondering why ip_masq_icq isn't included in debian. I am using
> > 2.2r3 (potato) with kernel 2.2.19pre17. Has anybody an idea?

It is not included in the kernel, and nobody has bothered packaging this
patch. Anyway, it does not require a kernel patch (= modifying existing
kernel files)

> There is no need for it? :)
> I don't have it either(I us 2.2.19) but
> ICQ works behind masq firewall just fine.

You maintain you connection to the server. You can send files, initiate
chats, etc. But you don't have a listening port, and thus you can't accept
files and recieve chats.

There are a couple of alternatives to this module:

- You can forward ports (this is very ugly, and basically only works for
  one computer)
- later versions can use a socks proxy

In both cases (and also in the case of ip_masq_icq , I figure) you have
the icq client listening on a port, and waiting to be nuked or worse. Keep
that in mind.

Tzafrir Cohen

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