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RE: NAt doesn't working


>Antropov Anton wrote:
>> Hi there!
>> [...]
>> 1. Machine with IP-adddr =
>> 2. Linux-Box with IP =

>you mean /32 instead of /24

No, I mean I have a C-network. It is obvious though...
I am a newbie, sorry.

>> [...]
>> Now, as I understand, it should be impossible to "telnet"
>> to the address, as it can't pass through [...]


> NAT is only for the "router part" of ...222 machine. Packets for
> the machine itself are not handled by the NAT.

Yes, I was already explained by my friend.
I should guess by myself!
Anyway, thank you very much.

BTW, is it possible to make routing using 1 NIC and
(sorry for the offtopic).

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