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Re: Ipchains an IP aliases - how to setup?

> First i draw situation:
> My Home net           My firewall     192.168.x.x/24
> -----                 ---------------
> |    |  ---------eth1| masq, ipchains|eth0-------
> <Net>---(Router)-Public
> -----                 ---------------                     (masq  )
> Internet
> 10.x.x.0/24
> All works OK.
> Now i recived public adress too (213.x.x.x).
> First i setup alias eth0:1
> All works ok when ipchains is disabled.
> When I enable ipchains (i use only default rules from /etc/ipmasq/rules
> )
> all packet are DENY.
> I found that eth0 and eth0:1 are treated as one interface eth0
> in that scripts.
> Is possible to setup ipchains on interface with multiple aliases?

Not unless all traffic on that interface get the same rule.  Ipchains
doesn't know about aliases.  Upgrade to iptables.

> (If not i put another card and separate local and public net)

That'll work as well.  Iptables is really nice, though.

> Rafa³ Franczak

Aaron Ghent.

You're not going crazy!  
You're going sane... 
In a crazy world!
                 -- The Tick

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